Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank you, world!

At the opening ceremony of Beijing Paralympic Games, German athletes unfolded a banner "Hello, Beijing." On September 7, the first day of Paralympic Games, at the national stadium, after the Swedish team won the first victory of wheelchair basketball, the young men sitting in wheelchairs unfolded a red banner, "Thank you, China!" The four Chinese characters are particularly eye-catching in bright red color.

Whether at the scene or on television, I am always very touched seeing this. I believe there must be thousands of Chinese people who are also moved like I was, not only because we are proud of our dear motherland, but also because we are deeply touched by the sincere gratitude from our friends from various countries across the world.

Right at the beginning of this year, some people still doubted the Beijing Olympic Games. When the torch relay was held outside China, some people lacking of understanding of China or even hostile to the country even tried to disrupt and destroy the ceremony. Even in the forthcoming of the Olympic Games, there are still people questioning whether Beijing, China can successfully hold the Olympic and Paralympic Games. However, Chinese people have never fluctuated. Even if we have experienced 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake, we've never lowered the standard of the commitment that we've made to the world seven years ago.

Promise will be kept. The 1.3 billion diligent and courageous Chinese people are fulfilling their commitment to the world by putting their actions into practice.

In fact, we do not expect honorarium. We are only seeking understanding. In the eyes of many foreigners, China is a mysterious ancient oriental country. However, some Western media's negative publicity has grown bias in their heart. They know nothing about the tremendous and profound changes that have taken place during the recent 30 years of reform and opening up. Olympic and Paralympic Games have provided an excellent opportunity to the world people to better understand China and Chinese people. Tens of thousands of journalists came in; some of them once were hostile to China. But when they witness what are happening around them, and personally experience the friendship and goodwill of ordinary Chinese people, they will change their awareness of the real China. Through their lens, through their pens, the outside world will know more about the Chinese people's lives.

Our dream is not only to enrich the country and people's lives. We also hope that we can make the planet we are living in more beautiful and harmonious. "One World, One Dream" is our wish. "How happy we are, To meet friends from afar!" When 1.3 billion people open their arms to meet the friends coming from across the world, they also unfold a beautiful picture about an ancient and young country. Once "sick man of East Asia", today full of self-confidence and vitality, China now is showing the whole world the true meaning of friendship, peace and goodwill.

"Thank you, China!" Our answer is "Thank you, world!" In the coming years, 2008 will become a permanent and precious memory of China and the world. Chinese nation will make a greater contribution to the world.

By People's Daily Online. The author is Chen Zhao, senior editor of People's Daily.

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