Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Netizens applaud for spectators' behaviors at Paralympics

Besides the performance of athletes, the behavior of spectators at the ongoing Beijing Paralympics has attracted the praise of Chinese netizens.

Since the Paralympics kicked off on Saturday, a large number of netizens have expressed their appreciation about spectators at leading online forums and their own blogs.

An accident during the Judo competition on Monday was widely mentioned. A French vision-disabled athlete crossed the field line and fell down under the judge's desk.

"Thanks to all the spectators. After the French athlete fell down, I didn't hear anyone laugh at him or jeer him in the whole stadium," said a netizen named "Every day is a good day" in his blog at who was at the spot. "Instead, they encouraged him to go back to the competition with their warmest applause."

Netizen "A guest coming from the wind" said in his post at, "During the Beijing Olympics, Chinese spectators won great appreciation for their good behavior. They carry it on in the Paralympics. I'm really proud of them."

"Applause is the best way for spectators to express their respect for athletes. I believe Paralympic athletes will be impressed," said a netizen in the post at, the website of the official People's Daily.

The remark from Nigerian weightlifter Ruel Ishaku proved this. After winning the first weightlifting gold medal on Tuesday, he told the press, "Yes, Yes, I heard people shouting, 'Go, go, go!' A lot of Chinese spectators cheered for me. They encouraged me a lot."

At the leading portal, Netizen Xiaoxiaoxing said in a post that it may be rare in the Paralympic history that many stood in line all night to buy the Games' tickets.

"The venue atmosphere is as good as that of the Olympics. This will make Beijing Paralympics stand out," the poster wrote.


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