Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Paralympians ignite enthusiasm, win respect

Paralympics' brilliant performance has ignited great enthusiasm for the Games as well as earned great respect for the athletes among the audience.

In the Laoshan Velodrome filled to capacity and vibrant with thundering cheers, Liu Si, a Beijing resident, said his company had invited more than 40 employees to watch the cycling competition on Monday afternoon.

"I think the willpower of the disabled people is very strong, some even stronger than us the able-bodied," said Liu.

"Their striving side is fully demonstrated and I can see the Olympic spirit in them," he added.

Monila Broe, a spectator from Germany, said she shared the same feeling about the paralympic athletes.

"The paralympians have done a very good job and won great respect from us all," said Broe.

Among the cheering spectators were more than 100 students in school uniforms who made Mexican waves during the breaks of the competition.

Wang Jingjing, one of their teachers, said her school had made special arrangements for the students to watch the sporting events.

"I think the opportunity is precious. We want to use this opportunity to have the students feel the atmosphere and learn from the willpower of the Paralympians," said Wang.

"I felt deeply touched by the spirit of the athletes, so did the students I believe," she added.

Source: Xinhua

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