Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chang Wanquan heads the commanding team of Shenzhou-7

The list of the commanding team of Shenzhou-7 manned spacecraft has already been finalized. Gen.Chang Wanquan will lead the team.

Gen.Chang Wanquan, 59, is a member of Central Military Commission and the head of PLA General Armament Department.

The four deputy chief commanders are Vice-admiral Zhang Jianqi , Ma Xingrui , Jiang Mianheng and Sun Laiyan .

Vice-admiral Zhang Jianqi is considered as one of the PLA generals who master space technology and nuclear industry. He is the primary superintendent and the standing deputy chief commander of Shenzhou-7 project.

Ma Xingrui takes charge of the development of spaceship and rocket. Ma, 49, is an academician of International Space Academy and winner of various national scientific awards. He was the chief commander and designer of satellite ShiJian-5, the deputy general commander of the moon probe.

Jiang Mianheng and Sun Laiyan are the members of Shenzhou-6's commanding team.

By People's Daily Online

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